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Modern CALLIGRAPHY LUCY BERRIDGE - friday 29 march 2019

Learn Modern Calligraphy a relaxed and contemporary use of beautiful handwriting.

Designed for complete beginners, or those wanting to refresh their skills, this delightful experience of gentle focused learning in a beautiful setting will certainly ensure an enjoyable day.  It’s not about perfection, it’s about starting and a taking a very relaxed approached to the art.

In the morning, we will learn about penholders, nibs, inks and papers types and begin by practising basis nib strokes, which will lead to letter formation moving on to joined up words.

After a delicious lunch, we will work on a written quote or phrase using your newly acquired skills and give you fresh ideas to practise. You will also have the opportunity to work with white and gold inks on coloured papers which is an exciting way to see your work transform.

Lucy has always loved handwriting and all things stationery, so discovering the new version of calligraphy means it is no longer exclusive and achievable by a select few. It can be learnt, practised and enjoyed by anyone. When not writing, Lucy is a Lifestyle Stylist and Art Director.

£95 plus £15 for materials. Numbers are limited to 8. 

No previous experience require