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Creative Writing - Part Two
Mandy Wheeler - Friday 10thMay

Now you’ve got started, this session will show you how to expand your writing practice.   

There will be games and exercises encouraging you to take a positive, spontaneous approach to writing. We’ll work outside, taking inspiration from the beautiful garden at Curious House. We’ll create characters and start stories running. And we’ll do it all with a sense of playfulness and ease. 

 If you lack confidence in your work, this session will make you braver. If you feel you don’t have any subject matter, you’ll leave with your pockets bulging with ideas. Come along and enjoy yourself. 

Mandy is a writer with a background in radio. After 20 years running a production company, she now works with universities and businesses, helping them to develop creative practice and coax neglected talents out of hiding. 

£95 with an option to buy a curated box of writing prompts to keep you going for £22. Attendance at the beginners course or some practise in creative writing desirable. Numbers limited to 10.